The vision and creative leadership needed to drive the facility forward is provided by the Senior Management team, who have a clear understanding of the HPC landscape and are able to engage with stakeholders at all levels in academia, industry, funding agencies and government.


The scientific productivity of DiRAC depends on the reliability of its computing services, which in turn rests on the skills and experience of our technical personnel.  The scale of DiRAC-3 services, their incorporation of cutting-edge hardware and the ability of our users to push the systems to their performance limits all require a Technical Team with sufficient spread of expertise to ensure a high-quality uninterrupted service while concurrently supporting the innovation programme needed to keep DiRAC services at the frontiers of HPC.


Our Technical Directorate initiates and oversees the development of technical strategy and provides technical advice and information to the Director and other members of the facility management and technical teams. Meeting regularly with HPC industry providers the Technical Directorate maintains an up-to-date knowledge of future technology roadmaps and their relevance to DiRAC workflows. 



The Project Board is the highest body within the facility and is responsible for the overall direction of our programme. It draws up our scientific and technical strategies and signs off on all major decisions. The Project Board membership is a balanced representation of all the communities that use DiRAC services, with the chair and co-chair elected for a term of three years, rotating between the fields of Physics and Astronomy.