innovation placementS

DiRAC Innovation Placements provide a superb opportunity for doctoral students and early career researchers to collaborate with industry leaders on cutting-edge research projects of mutual benefit. Projects take place over six months and address current challenges with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions, ensuring that the research is relevant and impactful for both parties. Working closely with their commercial partner, interns gain valuable experience in collaborative industrial research, enhance their fundamental skills, and develop further key skills.

Placements are fully funded by DiRAC, but you must get your supervisor or PI’s permission before applying since under UKRI rules participation in the scheme is only allowed with their consent. We do our best to offer flexibility; remote and part-time working can be arranged as long as the placement does not exceed 6 months.

Innovation Placements offer a unique opportunity for researchers to bridge the gap between academia and industry, contribute to impactful research, and gain practical experience in the commercial sector.

All Innovation are advertised by ‘All User’ email and on our social media channels. In the meantime, to get a flavour of this distinctive scheme, why not browse the completed placements from previous years below?