At DiRAC, we believe one of our most important responsibilities to our user-base is to offer comprehensive training. The better trained our researcher cohort, the more efficiently we can use our HPC systems, thereby increasing our scientific productivity and generating more research from our existing systems. In addition we can deploy more bleeding-edge and innovative HPC technology in our services, increasing our capability and energy efficiency, and enabling calculations which would otherwise not be feasible.

On this page you can find information on the DiRAC Driving Test and other Facility and External Courses that will be useful to our users and community

Facility Courses
Workshop on Core IT Technologies for Research Comupting
26th April 2018

Are you struggling to understand how to use new technologies to innovate and create new services? So that we can understand principles and detailed device characteristics a one day a workshop is being held at UCL to look at these challenges. The workshop is aimed at:

  • System managers and system administrators
  • systems designers
  • academic staff
  • Data Intensive Science PhD students
  • Research Software Engineers

The main outputs will be

  • An understanding (and refreshment) of data movement principles and issues intra-PU to internet
  • How principles are applied to real systems
  • A briefing on the latest technologies
  • Networking and further discussions/followups

More information on this workshop, including registration details, can be found here

DiRAC Driving Test

DiRAC provides basic training by getting our users up to a common standard via our own mandatory Driving Test, the first such test in the UK. Links to all the training material needed to take the test, as well as a sample test, are available on our dedicated Driving Test page, along with an explanation of why taking the test is necessary. The Driving Test is mandatory for all new users who have less than two years of prior HPC experience.

External Courses
Hands-on Introduction to Data Visualisation
13th and 14th September 2018


This training event will provide delegates with a concise introduction to the art and science of applied data visualisation. Delivered through an energetic blend of teaching, interactive exercises and step-by-step software tutorials, delegates will learn about the most effective techniques for visually analysing and communicating data.

This course runs directly after and is co-located with our 8th Annual Dirac Day event at Swansea University more information on registering for this training event will be available here in June.