At DiRAC, we believe one of our most important responsibilities to our user-base is to offer comprehensive training. The better trained our researcher cohort, the more efficiently we can use our HPC systems, thereby increasing our scientific productivity and generating more research from our existing systems. In addition we can deploy more bleeding-edge and innovative HPC technology in our services, increasing our capability and energy efficiency, and enabling calculations which would otherwise not be feasible.

On this page you can find information on the DiRAC Essentials Level Training and other External Opportunities that will be useful to our users and community.

Essentials Level Training

The DiRAC Essentials Level Training (formerly the DiRAC Driving Licence), is a basic introduction to the principles of HPC and the tools needed to work on an HPC system. The course consists of seven modules covering everything from the Unix Environment to Good Network Practices and is presented as a series of links to external sources that we have selected for you. After working through the modules you will know the Essentials of how to work with, and get the best out of, DiRAC’s HPC systems.

The training is mandatory for those studying for advanced degrees, such as M.Sc. and Ph.D., and those employed as Post-Doctoral Research Assistants/Associates who have less than two years HPC experience. The Essentials Level culminates in a basic on-line test and the training material covers all aspects of HPC competency that are included.

Information on accessing the training and registering for a training account can be found here.

External Opportunties

There are currently no External Opportunities.

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