our work with industry

Industrial partnership is a fundamental aspect of DiRAC’s mission and our technical teams frequently collaborate with partners on innovative technologies that drive optimisations across all our services. Engaging in co-design projects around our systems’ hardware and software allows us to enhance our scientists’ research capacity and often helps to build real competitive advantage for our industry partners.  We also deliver an extensive programme of Innovation placements where our academics to collaborate with industry on ground-breaking, mutually beneficial research projects in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

industrial co-design activities

DiRAC has an extensive history of collaborating with industry, particularly in cutting-edge technology, and is globally renowned for its co-design of scientific software and computing hardware. Specializing in HPC deployment, management, simulation, and large-scale data analytics, we collaborate closely with industrial partners to address challenges in data-intensive science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, crucial in today’s world.

Our industry partners benefit from access to one of the largest academic HPC infrastructures in the UK public sector and we can facilitate connections with the combined expertise of the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, and Leicester in hardware, software, and HPC data management. This unique capability stands out for its extensive scale, depth, and breadth of knowledge. For examples of some of our past co-design activities please see the links below. 

Potential industrial partners are welcome to contact the DiRAC team to discuss their needs and explore whether working with DiRAC can help provide a competitive advantage to their business. Please contact the DiRAC Director, Dr Mark Wilkinson.

past co-design activities

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innovation placements

DiRAC Innovation Placements are an exciting opportunity for businesses, startups, UKRI partners and deep technology companies to work with DiRAC doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on a joint six-month project involving the use of innovative approaches, including advanced AI/ML techniques.  This is a unique opportunity for organisations that want to innovate and undertake mutually beneficial technical projects with an early-career academic.

You can find out more about our past Innovation Placements below and If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please contact our Deputy-Director Clare Jenner.