Foundation HPC-Skills Training Course

Foundation HPC-Skills Training Course Oct-Nov 2023 This course will cover the fundamental skills to enable you to use a DiRAC system. Including a version control system like Git, a workload manager like Slurm, and introducing concepts in software engineering. Objective  The learner will be able to: Summary of work undertaken The course will run from […]

Meta Data Addition – Durham

Objective  To investigate the challenges in adding metadata to large data sets. To do so, initially the following two tools were set up as a proof of concept Summary of work undertaken  Both the above tools have been created and full detail is in the below report. Outputs Investigation of Meta Data addition Durham – […]

MPI Library

Objective  Produce a digital repository for the sharing and archiving of benchmarking data for key DiRAC codes. Summary of work undertaken  A wiki was created within the DiRAC instance of the confluence package, currently hosted at the University of Edinburgh. This was created as a long-term repository for benchmarking data from the DiRAC systems. The […]


Objective  To understand the multiple dimensions of prediction of concepts in social and biomedical science questionnaires. Summary of work undertaken  This work package extended the scope of the research tackled in the RCNIC project to: Outputs Applying machine learning models to social or biomedical science questionnaires – Final Report

Data Curation

Objective  This work package explored several of the challenges around the longer term storage, accessibility and usability of the (extremely large) data sets which are typically generated within DiRAC. Summary of work undertaken  This work package consisted of the following discrete sub-work packages, each of which explored one aspect of data curation; Objective  This work […]

Kickstart Your HPC Journey (Cluster Challenge)

Objective  To produce a guide and supporting suite of resources as a toolkit to enable the set up and running of an HPC cluster challenge by any institution in the community.    Summary of work undertaken  A 2-day student cluster challenge event was hosted at University College London. Through this, all resources needed to facilitate a […]

Prototype Data Discovery Service – Analysis

Objective  An investigation into the components for a prototype data discovery analysis service (PDDAS) that could be provided by DiRAC. Summary of work undertaken  An assessment of the possibilities for utilising; Summary of a number of high impact PI requirements for such a service. Outputs Investigation of a Prototype Data Discovery Service – Final Report

Community Workshops for Common Workflows

Objective As a component of  DiRAC’s Federation Project, in February 2022 two workshops took place in London in which DiRAC reached out to computational scientists in other fields to share experiences and explore the extent to which common workflows could be the basis of defining UKRI-wide computing services in the future UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure. Summary […]

Innovation Placements

Eight student placements were funded by this project, which delivered the following pieces of research:

Meta Data Addition – Edinburgh

Objective  An assessment of interfacing the DiRAC DCS infrastructure with the ongoing efforts to renew the International Lattice Data Grid (ILDG). The aim of this piece was to consolidate the UK lattice community involvement in the wider international data curation efforts for lattice QCD data Summary of work undertaken  INCOMING Outputs