hpc skills training

hpc skills training

DiRAC’s HPC Skills portfolio offers a structured programme of training and support aimed at fostering the development of HPC skills at all levels.  Our Foundation HPC-Skills Course has been specially created to help users gain the essential skills they need to use DIRAC’s, or any standard HPC services’ compute resources effectively and efficiently. For those researchers who want to find out more about code performance analysis, we have a series of self-paced workshops addressing the growing challenge of identifying and addressing coding issues. We have a number of upcoming courses in development including introductions to Slurm, C/C++, and MPI/OpenMP.

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foundation hpc skills course & Assessment

DiRAC recognises that many researchers may have limited or no prior experience with HPC systems. To address this, the Foundation HPC-Skills Course introduces the basic principles of HPC techniques and is available both as a bi-annual taught course and in a self-paced format that enables users to access the material at the time that suits their schedule and learning pace.

performance analysis

As computing systems continue to expand in scale and complexity, researchers face growing challenges in identifying and addressing issues and pinpointing bottlenecks within their code. Collecting performance metrics is a fundamental and crucial step in code optimisation and enhancement of system efficiency, and in this series of self-paced workshops we unravel the complexities of this process and provide you with clear guidance on its essential components. We look at which performance metrics should be collected to gain insights into your code and introduce you to a carefully curated selection of open-source tools designed to streamline performance analysis.

Upcoming Courses
under Development

The DiRAC Training Academy is committed to expanding and enhancing the courses offered to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our users. We are continually planning new training initiatives designed to ensure researchers have access to relevant, up-to-date guidance. Here you can find a summary of our upcoming courses and training materials – if you have any suggestions for other courses please feel free to get in touch. All courses are advertised by ‘All User’ email and on our X (formerly twitter), Mastodon and LinkedIn Channels.