ExCALIBUR (Exascale Computing Algorithms and Infrastructures Benefitting UK Research) is a £45.7m Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) programme led by the Met Office, UKAEA and UKRI to meet the challenge of enabling Exascale computer architectures by delivering research and innovative algorithmic development to harness the potential power offered by Exascale HPC.

Open call:
ExCALIBUR Hardware & Enabling Software testbeds

As part of the ExCALIBUR initiative, UKRI are investing £4.5m over four years to create and evaluate testbeds for novel pre-Exascale architectures and software systems, in a co-design partnership with HPC vendors and the UK research community. This call for proposals is for the £1m budget allocated for 2021-2022. We expect to fund around 4-5 projects each year. Projects will work closely with ExCALIBUR software working groups supported by UKRI, UKAEA and the Met Office.


  • 14th September 2020 – the call formally opens
  • 19th October 2020 – final date to submit proposals
  • Proposals are now peer reviewed and any clarifications sought
  • 30th November 2020 – outcomes communicated to applicants
  • UKRI will now issue grant letters to allow Principal Investigators to prepare
  • 6th April 2021 – grants are now active and work can begin

Further information

For more information please visit the dedicated ExCALIBUR H&ES website.