As part of our on-going activities to ensure that DiRAC services evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of scientists and researchers, as well as aligning to the strategic objectives of UKRI and STFC for the delivery of large-scale computing services, we are actively investigating how to increase the level of federation across existing services.

The core objectives of Federation are:

  • Increased resilience, flexibility and security of DiRAC services;
  • Greater ease of access and use of DiRAC services to facilitate their efficient and effective use by other UKRI research communities;
  • Lowering the bar to access large-scale computing resources by new research communities both within UKRI and across the wider UK economy.

DiRAC was awarded UKRI Digital Research Infrastructure funding in FY2021/22 to support Phase 1 of a Federation Project, under which the following work packages were executed:


Training & Professional Development
Community On-boarding & Federation
Technical Development