Working with Industry

DiRAC has a long track record of collaborating with Industry on bleeding-edge technology and we are recognised as a global pioneer of scientific software and computing hardware co-design. We specialise in the design, deployment, management and utilisation of HPC for simulation and large-scale data analytics and we work closely with our industrial partners on the challenges of data intensive science, machine learning and artificial intelligence that are increasingly important in the modern world.

We can also provide easy access to the combined strength of the Universities of Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh and Leicester in hardware, software and know-how in HPC and data management, as well offering as access to one of the largest HPC infrastructures in the UK public sector and the opportunity to consult with academic expertise from a pool of more than 20 Universities. This capability is unique in its scale, depth and breadth of knowledge and, most importantly, in its business-ready environment which allows organisations to accelerate their research and build real competitive advantage.

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