AMD Tools Workshop 2022

This 3-day, hands-on practical workshop gave participants the opportunity to learn new techniques available within the AMD toolset and apply those techniques to their own codes. The event was supported by a team of experts from AMD and by DiRAC and covered topics including Optimal Pinning processes for the AMD architecture, AMD Compilers and libraries, and μProf tutorial.  The participants were able to use their usual DiRAC Resource site and time allocation to run their code.

This hackathon was presented as a 3-day hybrid remote & in-person workshop, hosted by Durham University. Each of the three days started with a lecture-based introduction to a relevant topic by an AMD expert, followed by a lengthy practical session where participants had an opportunity to apply what was taught to their own code. On-hand individual support was provided by experts from AMD and the DiRAC support teams and each session culminated with feedback and questions to help spread good practice and address any issues.

During each afternoon of the event, teams were given time to develop a presentation that was presented to the group. Two were chosen to also be presented to our community at the DiRAC Science Day on the 8th of December held at UCL.  (Insert Link to two DiRAC Day Hackathon Presentations?).

The event attracted 8 teams with a total of 20 participants from across  DiRAC and the wider community. Most teams participated in-person, with only two teams connecting remotely. The hackathon event was attended by individuals from all career stages, with Academic staff representing nearly half of the participants and the remainder made up of students, support staff, and postdocs. We received great support from AMD, who sent four experts, and our DiRAC RSE team, who provided a further three, giving a support: participant ratio of approximately 3 which allowed everyone to receive a large amount of dedicated mentoring on their own code.