Anyone new to HPC needs the fundamental skills required to access, our resources, build and run their own codes on our systems. Our brand new HPC-Skills course is an introduction to the principles of HPC and creates a strong foundation for the rest of the DiRAC training programme. The course covers an introduction to:

  • BASH: Simple connecting, moving, editing, permissions, and using pipes.
  • GIT: First steps in configuring, using, reviewing, and committing.
  • Software Engineering: Basic programming concepts, and good practices.
  • Testing and reviewing: Test planning, development environments, and the review process.
  • Job submission: Job schedulers, and running your first job.
  • Code Scaling: understanding scalability and applying Amdahl’s Law.


Science is undergoing a data explosion and the advent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques is revolutionizing the way scientists tackle their research. Simulations and observations now generate Petabytes of data and machine learning is providing novel and powerful methods for analysing those experimental datasets and extracting essential science in ways that have not been possible before.

These courses provided a practical, and hands-on introduction to the concepts, methods, and toolkits for applying machine learning or quantum algorithms to fundamental scientific problems.


DiRAC has a long track record of collaborating with industry on bleeding-edge technology and these 3-day events give our users the opportunity to explore the potential of the latest new and emerging tech.

Our Code-camp programme is designed to lift our students from the fundamental knowledge gained in the HPC-Skills course to a more advanced level and are usually one-day instructor-led events run either by a DiRAC expert or an expert from one of our many industrial partners.