User Accounts

Projects and accounts on DiRAC resources are administered through the DiRAC SAFE. SAFE stands for Service Administration From EPCC. It is a large web-based application, provided by EPCC for DiRAC. The same software is used by the Archer UK national supercomputing service and for other facilities at EPCC.

Every DiRAC user has an account on SAFE. You can use your SAFE account to check your use of CPU time and disk space now and in the past, to apply to join other projects and create service machine accounts, to change passwords, to keep your personal details up to date, to check the progress of the helpdesk queries you have submitted, and so on. PIs and project managers can do many other things. such as viewing usage by each member of their project team.

The DiRAC team also uses SAFE to administer the system and to generate reports. The helpdesk software is also part of SAFE. If you are a PI or project manager you can manage your project via SAFE.

You can find all the information you need on SAFE here. For any other information please email DiRAC Support.