What is CodeCamp

CodeCamp is an opportunity for the novice user to enhance their skill set and practice these new skills with their own code. During the event there will be dedicated instructor lead periods, where participants will work on specific examples that highlight aspects of GPU development.

Why GPUs

GPUs give researchers access to high volume data processing capability, due to having thousands of cores, and specialized hardware enabling fast tensor processing.

Learn how to accelerate and optimize existing C/C++ CPU-only applications to leverage the power of GPUs using the most essential CUDA techniques and the Nsight Systems profiler.

Prerequisites: Basic C/C++ competency including familiarity with variable types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and array manipulations.

Where is the Event

This March, DiRAC is holding a GPU CodeCamp in Durham on the 17th.

How do I Get involved

If you are interested in participating please complete the form below

send it to richard.regan@durham.ac.uk. your application form need to be received by Sunday the 2nd of March. All successful applicants will be notified a few days after receiving the application.

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