DPU Hackathon 2023

16/17 February 2023
Durham University, Department of Computer Science, Durham, UK (hybrid, in person preferred)
In collaboration with NVIDIA Networking

Durham’s Department of Computer Science, in collaboration with Durham’s DiRAC facilities and Durham’s ExCALIBUR H&ES installations, has organised a 1.5 day hackathon on how to use NVIDIA BlueField technology.

BlueField-empowered systems are supercomputers, where each individual networking card is equipped with additional ARM processors. These processors can, for example, take ownership of data movements between nodes, i.e. release the host from messaging-related work, manipulate message content while the messages fly through the network, own checkpointing,…

During the hybrid workshop, participants will first get a brief intro into BlueField technology, and can then try out prepared exercises on these machines. After that, we host a series of talks and brainstorming sessions on how this technology could enable next-generation simulation software. Finally, NVIDIA’s experts will be available to help with some prototyping of ideas on BlueField cards.

For more information and to register, click here.

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