All posters and videos can also be downloaded from this page.

Jake Bennett: Resolving shocks and the multiphase CGM (poster).

Josh Borrow: SWIFTsimIO (poster).

Victoria Clark: High temperature molecular line lists for modelling exoplanet atmospheres (poster).

Laurence Cooper: Lattice QCD: a heavy to light quark transition (poster).

Ryan Hill: Semileptonic form factors for B → πlν decays (poster).

Jack Holligan: Sp(2N) glueballs (poster).

Sophie Koudmani: The Impact of AGN Feedback on Simulated Dwarf Galaxies (poster).

Fionn O’Hogain: A Physical Point Lattice of the K → πl+l- Decay (poster).

Matthew Orkney: Dark Matter cusps and cores at the EDGE of galaxy formation (poster).

Henrique Rocha: Holographic Cosmological Models on the Lattice (poster).

Sahl Rowther: Are gravitationally unstable protoplanetary disks rare? (poster).

Rosie Talbot: High resolution simulations of Blandford-Znajek jets (poster).

James Wurster: Numerical stellar clusters: A data rich environment (poster).

Andrew Yong: QED Corrections to Hadronic Amplitudes (poster).

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