Click here for The DiRAC-3 User Guides & Tips and Tricks 

Each of our DiRAC-3 sites have user guides which are hosted online, and they provide you with all the information about the service, how to log on and updates on downtime, or upcoming server room or data centre maintenance. 

We have created a user-friendly GitHub Wiki page to share the site and service information in one place as well as sharing the Tips and Tricks, compiled by our Research Software Engineers. 

The Process

As part of the DiRAC-3 Technical Commissioning phase, our technical leads and research software engineers (RSE) have been working very closely to tune the systems and gather useful insights for our users. We’ve captured this information for you on GitHub as well as the main user guide links. 

Tips and tricks examples include optimizing codes from Intel to AMD, finding the best compiler and so forth. The research software engineers are here to help you get the best results for science by helping you optimize those codes. 

If you need research software engineer support in the first instance, we recommend that you raise a technical support request at your DiRAC-3 site. The technical team will address the request and triage whether an RSE can help you in the short term.  If you’re thinking about the types of codes that you might be putting in or the work you’re looking to do, it’s worth thinking about applying for future RSE resource time in upcoming RAC calls especially where you might need a bigger resource time for research software engineer support you.  

Some of the Tips and Tricks may not be site-specific, it may be service-specific, so there may be overlaps. With this in mind, we are working out the best way to get the best information to you to provide you with these tips and tricks. 

If you have any tips or tricks, suggestions, or contributions that you would like to share please email Anushka Sharma, Senior Technical Programme Coordinator: