Decentralised Cloud Storage


Assessment of creating an experimental component of the DiRAC DCS based on a decentralised cloud storage backend. The aim of this sub-project is to prepare the ground for a future, larger pilot study of sharing scientific data through decentralised storage.

The goal of this project was two-fold. Firstly, it was aimed at producing a proof-of-concept of deploying Rucio on DiRAC Extreme Scaling Service. Secondly, it aimed at investigating and developing an interface between Rucio and Storj DCS,In order to incorporate cloud storage on Storj DCS as a Rucio Storage Element (RSE).

Finally, investigated developing more user-focused interfaces, including a web and a command line interface.

Summary of work undertaken 

Set up of S3 object storage for the continuous integration & development (CI/CD) service supporting lattice QCD software based on the Grid & Hadrons libraries.

Set up an encrypted incremental backup for the databases and authentication data related to running the CI/CD services.

Prototype of an interface for the web application GUI for the Storj DCS.



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