Intel Hackathon – Training Day

This full day workshop will focus on performance analysis. A short overview on the Intel Parallel Studio will be given. Compiler options are crucial for optimal performance. A short overview on optimization flags will be provided. Performance bottlenecks and how to detect them will be discussed and given attention to as preparation to hands on sessions.

The training day will be on the 2nd of September, and will be open to all attendees of the Intel hackathon.


Students will learn about analysis types for HPC and Threading analysis as well as micro architectural analysis. We are also addressing general tuning methodologies, common parallel bottlenecks and how to solve them.


Basic understanding of parallel programming paradigms and C/C++ or Fortran programming


9:4510:15Intel® Parallel Studio 2020 Overview – outlook on oneAPI
10:1511:30Intel® Compiler Overview
Application Performance Snapshot (APS)
First step on code analysis – points user to other tools
12:0013:00Lunch Break


Intel MPI
New features including extended support for MPI and Threads.


Intel® Advisor Introduction including Roofline Analysis
Vectorization Analysis and estimate on optimization potential
14:4515:15Coffee Break
15:1515:45Demo Advisor Roofline
Estimating optimization potential


Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
Most powerful analysis tool for profiling on Intel Hardware. Some simplified features also available in APS.
17:0017:30Wrap-Up – Questions and Answers

We look forward to see you there.

Intel 2020 Hackathon

Optimisation and workflows for the future.

This years DiRAC day will be preceded with a hackathon sponsored by Intel. The event will focus on how to optimise your exciting code using the newest Intel development suit, including Intel’s new oneAPI that corresponds to the open industry specification set by

So if you are just interested in getting the best out of your C/C++ code, or if you are interested in looking to offloading parts of your code to some accelerator, this is the place to be.

The event will be held as a 1 day training session on the 2nd of September, then a week later on the 8th-9th, a 2 day hackathon with support from Intel experts. There will be access to computer systems from the training day to sometime after the event.

If interested please fill in application form and submit it to by Tuesday 25th of August Extended.