IBM Quantum Lab and Hartree Centre Quantum Placement

IBM Quantum Lab and Hartree Centre

In collaboration with IBM Quantum Lab and STFC’s Hartree Centre, DiRAC is pleased to invite applications for a 6-month Innovation Placement focussing on Quantum Machine Learning applications

DiRAC Innovation Placements are a great opportunity for doctoral students and early career researchers to work with technology leaders on a 6-month project that delivers research impact and develops key skills. Offering the potential to gain experience working collaboratively with the Hartree Centre and its Industrial partners, whilst fostering fundamental research competencies through mentoring, this competitive, fully funded internship will address current challenges with cutting edge solutions and provide useful insight to both the successful candidate and the mentoring partners.

You must get your supervisor or PI’s permission before applying for this placement. Participation in the placement scheme is allowed under UKRI’s rules, but only with your supervisor/PI’s consent. We will do our best to be flexible; part time working can be arranged as long as the placement does not exceed 9 months. The placement will be fully remote.


The Hartree Centre is within the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and part of UK Research and Innovation. They are funded by UK Government to support businesses and the public sector on their digital journey. The Hartree Centre forms an important part of the UK’s research and innovation ecosystem, alongside a global network of academic research communities and technology partners.

The new Hartree National Centre for Digital Innovation (HNCDI) is a collaborative programme between the Hartree Centre and IBM Quantum Network which supports UK businesses and the public sector to explore adoption of innovative new digital technologies such as AI and quantum computing.

The Hartree Centre also hosts quantum simulators developed by Atos which will be available to the project. The Atos Quantum Learning Machines allow researchers to develop and experiment with quantum software and can simulate quantum computers of up to 38 qubits.

Project Description:

The project provides the successful candidate with the unique opportunity to work with the Hartree Centre’s team of quantum software engineers and collaborators at IBM Quantum and Atos to develop new quantum machine learning applications to solve real-world problems and learn the skills to apply quantum computing methods to their own research field.

The successful candidate will work with the application of Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Optimisation algorithms towards the solution of industry-relevant challenges in engineering, logistics, chemistry, drug discovery and materials science. Furthermore, the candidate will be responsible for or involved in the design of hybrid classical-quantum algorithms, which will be executed on classical computing facilities (HPC), quantum simulators (ATOS QLM) and real quantum hardware using the IBM Quantum services provided via the HNCDI hub.



  • Mathematically competent, with some experience of writing scientific software
  • Good knowledge of quantum information theory
  • Strong background in Machine Learning Techniques


  • Experience of working within Qiskit, and opensource software libraries
  • Experience of Python Programming
  • Experience of QCompute

Personal attributes and qualities:

  • Excellent communication Skills
  • Motivated team player
  • Practical and hands-on approach to problem solving and projects

This placement is now closed to applications.