Access to DiRAC is co-ordinated by The STFC’s DiRAC Resource Allocation Committee, which puts out an annual Call for Proposals to request time and operates a Seedcorn Time programme for small requests.

13th Call for Proposals

The DiRAC Resource Allocation Committee 13th Call for Proposals will be opening shortly. Find all information and important dates here.

12th Call for Proposals

The 12th Call for Proposals closed on 1st October 2019. Allocations will be awarded from 1st April 2020.

The 13th Call will open in Spring 2020. 

For each Call the RAC produces a set of documentation that includes a number of forms that every applicant must complete. The RAC also provides a comprehensive set of guidance notes.  

In addition to the scientific proposal application form, applicants must also submit a technical case (one per proposal).  The technical case must be submitted at least two months before the call closing date.

12th Call for Proposals Documentation

The Announcement, Forms and Guidance Notes for the 12th Call can be accessed at the links below are below.

Seedcorn Time

More information on our Seedcorn Time programme can be found here.


For help with application queries please contact the DiRAC Deputy Director and Project Scientist: Dr Clare Jenner.

Alternatively see: 

For all other enquiries please contact our Project Office