For each Call the RAC produces a set of documentation that includes a number of forms that every applicant must complete. The RAC also provides a comprehensive set of guidance notes.


 15th Call

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 14th Call

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 13.5 Special Call

 Information and Documentation

3D atmospheric modelling of exoplanetary atmospheres with DiRAC. Image caption (longer version): Exoplanets are planets that exist outside of our solar system, orbiting distant stars. Scientists at the University of Exeter and the Met Office use state-of-the-art 3D climate models to understand the key physical processes which control the atmospheres of these exoplanets. Exoplanetary atmospheres are diverse, and many of them behave in a completely unfamiliar way, compared to Earth. This image shows results of several computer simulations given various planetary and stellar parameters. Astrophysicists and climate scientists work together to analyse these simulated atmospheres by looking at temperatures, winds, cloudiness and other meteorological variables – testing and developing theories of climate processes.  Image credit: Dr Denis Sergeev, University of Exeter.

 13th Call

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