28th-30th November 2022


This is a hands-on workshop where participants will apply presented techniques to their own codes.

The workshop will cover:

  • Optimal Pinning processes for the AMD architecture
  • AMD Compilers and libraries
  • μProf tutorial


This will be an in-person workshop, held in Durham. Participants will use their normal DiRAC site.

The workshop will run over 3 days. Each day will normally start introducing a topic which is then followed by a lengthy practical session where participants have an opportunity to apply what was taught to their code. Support will be there from AMD and from DiRAC support teams. During the event, there will be feedback and Q&A sessions to help spread good practice and address any issues.

On the afternoon of the 3-days, teams will be given time to develop a presentation that will be presented by themselves at DiRAC day on the 8th of December at UCL.

Target Audience

The target audience are researchers who want to:

  • Optimising their code for today and tomorrow on AMD CPUs.
  • Get the most out of our new DiRAC-3 AMD systems.
  • Run their code efficiently to get the best performance.
  • Learn about and take advantage of the new AMD features and tools.
  • Build links with other research groups and AMDs technical team.


At least one member of a team needs good experience in a programming language. Also in-depth knowledge of your own codes. Technical support can be arranged if required.


Registration closed.

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