Allocations & RAC


After each Call, we publish the compute time allocated to each project, in terms of CPU-Mhours on the DiRAC Resource on which the calculations are to be run, as well as the Storage Space [TB] allocated.

We have three compute services, based at four sites, and due to the different architectures on each Service, the CPU-Mhours awarded to projects using different services may not be directly comparable.


Data Intensive (DIaC)

Allocation at University of Cambridge

Compressed CGB_1496a

Data Intensive (DIaL)

Allocation at University of Leicester

IMG_0400_cropped (1)

Extreme Scaling

Allocation at Edinburgh University

Blue futuristic networking technology vector

 Memory Intensive

Allocation at University of Durham

Resource Allocation Committee

DiRAC makes an annual Call for Proposals and the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) was established by the STFC to oversee time allocation. The RAC has two sub-panels, one for Particle Physics & Nuclear Physics and one for Astronomy and Cosmology, each of which consider the proposals within their respective remits.

A RAC meeting with representatives from both sub-panels then determines the overall allocation of DiRAC time across the whole portfolio of proposals.

Prof Andrew Pontzen (Chair) – University College London

Dr Robert Crain (Deputy Chair) – Liverpool John Moores University

Dr Rowan Smith – University of Manchester

Dr Heather Ratcliffe – University of Warwick

Dr Celine Guervilly – University of Newcastle

Dr Ingo Mueller – Wodarg – Imperial College London

Dr Clare Dobbs – University of Exeter

Dr Katy Clough – Oxford University

Dr Dimitris Stamatellos – University of Central Lancashire

Dr Antonio Rago (Chair) – University of Plymouth

Prof David Colling – Imperial College London

Dr Christopher Bouchard – University of Glasgow

Prof Jacek Dobaczewski – University of York

Prof Maurizio Piai – University of Swansea

Dr Antonin Portelli – University of Edinburgh