Time & Storage Allocations

Current Allocations at 1st May 2020 for Extreme Scaling Edinburgh. All projects start on the first of the month and end on the last of the month.

For more information please email the Project Office.

No additional allocations were made at the 12th Resource Allocation Committee Call for Proposals.

Table 1: Time Allocations and Storage from the 11th Resource Allocation Committee Call for Proposals for Extreme Scaling Edinburgh.

  time storage  
Application ID SAFE ID Project Title P.I. Start Date End Date ES / Mhours home / GB work / TB data / TB RSE / month
PPTM201 dp006 Extreme QCD: Quantifying the QCD Phase Diagram IIb C. Allton May ‘19 Mar ‘22 309.91 57.93 5.79 28.96 3.00
PPTM203 dp007 Strong dynamics in the structure of matter R. Horsley May ‘19 Mar ‘22 109.22 1456.31 2.91 2.91  
PPTM204 dp008 UKQCD–DWF: physics with dynamical chiral quarks A. Juettner May ‘19 Mar ‘22 688.83 41747.57 333.98 1603.11 18.00
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