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16th August 2022 9am to 1pm


Computationally intensive CUDA® C++ applications in high-performance computing can be accelerated by using multiple GPUs, which can increase throughput and/or decrease your total runtime. When combined with the concurrent overlap of computation and memory transfers, computations can be scaled across multiple GPUs without increasing the cost of memory transfers. For projects with access to multi-GPU servers, these techniques enable you to achieve peak performance from GPU-accelerated applications. And it’s important to implement these single-node, multi-GPU techniques before scaling your applications across multiple nodes. 

This code camp covers how to write CUDA C++ applications that efficiently and correctly utilise all available GPUs in a single node, dramatically improving the performance of your applications and making the most cost-effective use of systems with multiple GPUs.


At the conclusion of the code camp, you’ll have an understanding of the tools and techniques for multi GPU-accelerating C/C++ applications with CUDA on a single node and be able to:

  • Use concurrent CUDA streams to overlap memory transfers with GPU computation
  • Utilise all available GPUs on a single node to scale workloads across all available GPUs
  • Combine the use of copy/compute overlap with multiple GPUs
  • Rely on the NVIDIA Nsight Systems Visual Profiler timeline to observe improvement opportunities and the impact of the techniques covered in the workshop


Basic C/C++ competency including familiarity with variable types, loops, conditional statements, functions, and array manipulations. Working knowledge of CUDA programming is assumed. Participants must have passed or attended the recent code camp:

About the Instructor

Richard Regan is the DiRAC Systems Manager at Durham University. As System Manager, is involved in the procurement, installation, and configuration of the COSMA HPC systems at Durham. He is also the Training Manager for DiRAC and is responsible for all training events including the essentials training and the hackathon program. DiRAC is a national service that gives free HPC access to the astronomy, cosmology, high energy physics, and particle physics research communities.

Richard believes that the path to efficient research is through education, and maximising the efficiency of your code through good design.

Richard was trained as a digital engineer and then worked as a software engineer for over 15 years with companies such as British Steel, Rolls Royce, and Ingenico Futronic. He then spent 8 years teaching software engineering and discovering the joys of e-learning before joining the Institute of Computational Cosmology at Durham University. At the ICC he is part of the HPC support team, and for the last 5 years has been helping to steer the training for the DiRAC community as its Training Manager.

Registering Your Interest

There are a limited number of places available for this course. Your application will be treated as an expression of interest and you are not guaranteed a place at the workshop.

After the application deadline has passed, submissions will be considered, and successful applicants will be offered a place by TBA.

This event is primarily open to those using one of the DiRAC facilities, but others will be considered if space allows.

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