Foundation HPC-Skills Training Course

Foundation HPC-Skills Training Course


Update the existing generic DiRAC HPC-Skills (Essentials Level) course to provide DiRAC-specific learning material, accompanying instructor-led teaching, and a bank of multiple-choice questions suitable for an online final assessment.

This work provided DiRAC-specific HPC-Skills training materials that are better structured for delivery to, and consumption by both new users and the wider science community.

Summary of work undertaken 

The Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) were engaged to work alongside DiRAC’s Training Team to select and tailor existing, open-source material (from the Software Carpentry Foundation) to DiRAC’s compute resources.


A series of 6 Modules consisting of lecture-based and self-paced materials for the DiRAC core HPC-Skills training portfolio, accompanying introductory videos and a question bank for assessment.

The first presentation of this course to users is expected in late 2022/early 2023.