Nvidia Hackathon – June 2021

Accelerating your code for the future

On the 29th & 30th of June DiRAC is holding a 2-day virtual hackathon, supported by Nvidia. Participants will have access to NVidia’s latest A100 cards, with at least 4 cards per team in a single node.

As A100 cards will be soon be available as part of the new DiRAC-3 services, this is an ideal opportunity to be ready to take advantage of them as soon as they come online this October at Cambridge and Edinburgh.

The hackathon will provide you with access to Nvidia’s expertise and allow you to explore the latest GPU hardware. With 6912 cores and up to 19.5TF per card, the A100 GPU cards have huge potential for research.

It is an opportunity to assess the potential of GPUs for your research in a safe and supportive environment and give you the required evidence needed for applications for the imminent 14th RAC call for DiRAC allocations.

We welcome newbies and old hands, and each team will have a DiRAC Research Software Engineer to support their progress. There will be an opportunity for training if required.

We would encourage any research team considering GPU acceleration for their software to attend.


This will be a virtual event, so all participants can work from the comfort of their own home, or anywhere in the world.


The Hackathon will be held over 2 days on the 29th & 30th of June. Basic CUDA C/C++ training can be made available prior, if required.


If you are interested, please complete an application form and submit it to richard.regan@durham.ac.uk by Friday 11th of June.


With thanks to Birmingham University for granting us access to the Baskerville Tier 2 HPC:


4x A100 40GB cards per node. The cards are on the HGX-100 board which provides NVlINK between the GPUs and PCIe-4 back to the host system. The host has 512GB RAM and there is some local NVMe scratch on each host as well.

All are equipped with HDR port (full 200Gb as PCIe-4) and 25Gb Ethernet.