Discovery+ Universe Unravelled and advanced in-situ visualization

Discovery+ Universe Unravelled and advanced in-situ visualization

The series, Universe Unravelled with the Stephen Hawking Centre, premiered in November 2020 on Discovery+, coinciding with the UK launch of this new digital platform.  In 25 short episodes the series explores what we know about the Universe, including how massive objects warp the fabric of spacetime and create gravitational waves. The series employs stunning graphics from Cosmos Consortium simulations performed on STFC DiRAC systems, which were produced in collaboration with Intel’s Advanced Visualization and Rendering team.

An extensive reel of the visualization work created with Intel can be viewed on the CTC YouTube channel:

This animation compilation includes visualizations of gravitational waves from black hole mergers and radiation from cosmic string networks, as shown below:

The Cosmos Consortium has a longstanding collaboration with Intel on in-situ visualisation, a new paradigm that analyses data “on the fly” as it is generated, rather than post hoc as was traditionally the case. It is an essential step in the approach to exascale computing and these new capabilities, developed collaboratively also with Kitware, are now available in the scientific data visualization application Paraview, which operates across multiple platforms from laptops to supercomputers. The underlying Intel OSPRay ray-tracing libraries were awarded a Technical Achievement Academy Award on 13th February 2021 because of their widespread use in movie animation, including the Avengers movies.    

The Universe Unravelled series is available on the new Discovery+ service here: