15th Call for Proposals

For each Call, the RAC produces a set of documentation that includes a number of forms that every applicant must complete. The RAC also provides a comprehensive set of guidance notes.

Please note that all applicants must submit a technical case (technical application form) otherwise a full proposal submission will not be accepted.

15th Call for Proposals Documentation

The Announcement, Forms and Guidance Notes for the 15th Call can be accessed at the links below are below.


 DiRAC Resource Allocation Committee 15th Call for Proposals 

 The DiRAC Resource Allocation Committee 15th Call for Proposals is now open. The UK theory and modelling communities in Astronomy and Cosmology, Astrophysics, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics are invited to apply for computational resources on the STFC DiRAC HPC Facility. 

The deadline for proposal submissions for the 15th Call is Tuesday 4th October 2022 at 16:00 UK time. The following documents should be sent direct to STFC via email to DiRACRAC@stfc.ac.uk

1. Scientific application form 

2. Scientific case for support 

3. Project Management and Data Management Plan 

4. Relevant publications (annex) 

5. References (annex) 

6. Any letters of verification (non-mandatory, maximum of 3, if the work proposed is dependent on other scientific results or being part of a large collaboration) 

7. Technical application form 

8. RSE application form – if applicable 

STFC recommends that applicants send their documents via secure email. 

Please note that all applicants must submit a technical case (technical application form) otherwise a full proposal submission will not be accepted. 

Successful awards will be scheduled to begin on 1st April 2023. 

All proposal types will be accepted, including Research Software Engineering Support. Seedcorn proposals can be submitted at any time https://dirac.ac.uk/seedcorn/

The application forms and guidance notes, plus descriptions of the DiRAC services are available at https://dirac.ac.uk/callforproposals/

STFC welcomes applications from Early Career Researchers. 

Please note that no single application can request more than 80% of the availability of a DiRAC machine within a given year (availability figures are provided in the guidance notes at annex 1). 

There have been some changes to the guidance for RAC15 which are summarized in section 1.2 of the guidance notes. Applicants are strongly advised to read the RAC Guidance Documentation for the 15th Call. 


Enquiries should be directed as follows: 

• RAC process and remit: STFC Swindon Office: DiRACRAC@stfc.ac.uk 

• Technical questions: RSE Team: dirac-support@epcc.ed.ac.uk 

• Direct allocations or discretionary requests: DiRAC Director, Prof Mark Wilkinson (miw6@leicester.ac.uk) 

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